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T. Miller Group: Marketing Associate

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Headquarters: Tennessee

T. Miller Group is a marketing and strategic growth consultancy here to scale and amplify deep, valuable expertise. We do that by helping small, specialized agencies and consultancies unlock the barriers to growth.

We believe there exists a massive, untapped well of dormant potential in the form of specialized firms that have yet to realize what they have accomplished. We exist to finally release this potential into the market which so desperately needs the value it can deliver.

Here’s an introduction to our firm:

Tom the Principal:
Chris the Advisor:
The book that underlies our philosophy:


We’re looking for a part-time, remote Marketing Associate to support Tom in executing ongoing client engagements. This individual should be an exacting project manager and independent problem-solver, well-versed in the leading-edge content marketing toolkit. Ultimately, this individual will play a pivotal role in achieving both our client’s and the firm’s objectives in accordance with our core values.


How we work is just as important as the end product. It's guided by our core values and is embodied in our team, our process, and our relationships with clients, partners, and the industry. They are as follows:
  1. Antifragile. Everything we encounter, good or bad, makes us better.
  2. Truth seeking. Above all else, we seek the truth. Even if this means we are wrong. Even if this means we need to end the engagement and recommend an alternative approach, a strategic change beyond our purview, or a direct competitor.
  3. Long time horizon. Tactics are never pursued without a clear strategic framework in place. Short-term success is never pursued at the expense of the long-term win. Everything we do compounds towards the overarching vision.
  4. Craftsman mindset. The craftsman does not just do the work. The craftsman learns, trains, sharpens the toolkit, pursues excellence. The craftsman improves not only the end product, but the way the end product is produced. 
  5. First principles thinking. We do not reason from analogy. We reason from first principles. Yes, we study others, but no matter how “tried and true,” we evaluate anew, and reason our way backwards from the desired end result. 
  6. Systematic and logic-driven. We do not act on whim. We do not “throw things against the wall” to see what sticks. Spontaneity is respected during creation, but rejected in implementation. Systems and logic rule our decisions and actions.
  7. Calm, empathetic, and open. Our regimented, logic-driven process is counterbalanced with the calm, empathy and openness needed to interact and build successful relationships within the firm, with our clients, and with the market.
The right fit for this role will embrace, uphold, and contribute to forwarding these values in the work they do, and the interaction they have with clients and team members.


This role is accountable for contributing to and executing the sales and marketing strategy developed for our clients, working hand-in-hand with Tom to deliver exceptional results. This includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities:
  • Manage and execute the content marketing process. Content publication and promotion is a key lead generation driver for the specialized firms we serve. You’ll be responsible for managing and ensuring flawless, on-time execution of the Content Calendar. This will include scheduling and facilitating regular content brainstorming meetings,  compiling research and content ideas into our Content Queue and driving forward the writing, editing, formatting, publishing, and syndication/follow up workflow.
  • Coordinate and drive forward quarterly marketing projects. In addition to ongoing content marketing work, we are responsible for executing quarterly marketing initiatives that include but are not limited to: new publication channels (e.g. launching a podcast, posting on LinkedIn), website improvements, developing augmented marketing channels (e.g. SEO optimization, partner programs), etc. You’ll be responsible for driving these initiatives forward on a weekly basis, both through execution and through project management and coordination.
  • Execute the in-between sales support and marketing work. This is where the rubber hits the road and you have the potential to let your creativity and problem-solving potential shine. Research, prospecting, writing, tech setup, follow up, curating, reporting… You’ll be the experiment-oriented, scrappy, swiss-army-knife of execution we need to make headway outside of our standard processes. A.k.a. where the magic happens.


We’re confident in stating the following: the rapid learning and experience you’ll gain in this role will far outpace what you’ll gain in a traditional agency or corporate marketing environment.

This crucible of truly results-focused marketing experience will position you far ahead of your counterparts in terms of differentiation, skillset, and your ability to command higher-than-market-value compensation. 

This role also has the built-in potential to evolve over time into higher-value, strategic, direct-to-client work. In other words: if you prove yourself, learn and improve, and are interested in furthering the long-term objectives of the firm, we likely have a place here for you to grow with uncapped potential.


In order for this role to operate effectively, the following basic requirements must be met:
  • Be available and responsive during normal business hours (9am-5pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday).
  • Have a strong, consistent internet connection and a work environment conducive to video calls.
  • Have rock solid proficiency with the full Google Suite of products.
  • Have the ability to rapidly adapt to new technologies and software with the ability to learn independently as needs come up.
  • Basic design proficiency. Example: the ability to take pre-existing logos, colors, and design guidelines and make minor updates, create simple images, etc.
  • Previous experience managing and coordinating the completion of cross-functional projects in a remote environment.
  • Have crystal clear professional written and verbal communication skills with the ability to work with clients, partners, vendors, and internal team members alike.
  • Have exacting organizational standards and a calm and friendly, yet relentless follow-up focus in order to ensure things get done on time.

Preferred, but not required qualifications include:
  • Direct previous experience generating B2B service business opportunities utilizing either content publishing, outreach, events, networking, referral generation, or some combination of these methodologies.
  • Sales or customer service experience directly interacting with clients or customers.
  • Long-form technical copywriting and/or whitepaper publication training, experience, or familiarity.
  • Website user experience training, experience, and/or familiarity.
  • Research and/or data collection experience that resulted in a compiled and published end product.
  • Experience using common website/CMS tools (e.g. Wordpress,Squarespace), email service providers (e.g. ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp), and prospecting and outreach tools (e.g. Streak, LinkedIn Sales Navigator).
  • Technical proficiency in basic HTML/CSS.

Beyond the specifics, the individual best fit for this role will be motivated, engaged, curious, and able to exemplify the core values of the firm, while executing the objectives of the position with speed, precision, and expertise.


If both the position and the culture, values, and mission at T. Miller Group sound like they’re the right fit for you, please apply using this form:

To apply:

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