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Book-a-Dancer: Social Media Promotion and Events Coordinator for a Global Directory of Tango Teachers

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Headquarters: All remote
URL: promotes Argentine Tango around the world. It’s a directory of tango teachers, which includes a reservations system. With Book-a-Dancer, tango teachers can promote their classes and arrange reservations easily.

We are looking for energetic and active people who are very established on social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

Your role will be to promote Book-a-Dancer in Argentina and help coordinate tango events in Buenos Aires. You will be working with tango teachers and with students, both online and in classes.

The only way to do this work correctly is by participating. You will need to get out of your home and participate in tango classes and dances. You will meet teachers and students, get to know them and understand their desires.

Then, you will write about your own experience and echo the experience of teachers and students on social media. Yes, this is a “remote job”, but it’s not only “online”. This job requires real participation and real connection with people.

Your activities and responsibilities:

  • Learn tango in both group classes and private lessons in Buenos Aires
  • Meet teachers and students and get to know them
  • Promote our events and offers to both teachers and students
  • Arrange dance studios in BA for our events
  • Coordinate schedules for teachers and students for our events
  • Handle issues in real time during events (bring in backup teachers and resolve other problems on the spot)

Of course we will pay for your time in all these activities and we will reimburse all expenses.

Does this career interest you? If so, these are the job requirements:

  • Be a “social media fanatic” with an established following on both Facebook and Instagram
  • Be interested and able to participate in dance activities
  • Have a flexible schedule that permits work on different hours of the day (and night)
  • Be an outstanding listener and empathetic
  • Have excellent writing both in Spanish and in English 

To apply:

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